Photo Credit:  Petya Photography

Photo Credit: Petya Photography

What Others Are Saying:

“She’s a natural songwriter; she probably sneezes in hooks. And her voice is highly distinctive and beautifully supple; it’s got the power, and it’s got the purr.”

-- New City

 “Hickman’s voice is strong and full of personality, putting everything behind her words giving them an incredible amount of depth and soul.”

-- The Music Butcher

 “ Meagan Hickman will captivate listeners with her message of empowerment, her positive outlook, and soulful pop-flavored vocals.”

-- Music Notes Global 

“An uplifting and very positive pop song that could be taken from a feel-good movie.”


“Meagan has an incredible voice that delivers a blend of pop-rock driven and soulful songs such as ‘Together’.

-- Music Injection

Meagan’s first, full-length album "SIGHTLINES" was released in 2015 and brought her diverse audiences a blend of soulful, pop-rock driven anthems such as  "Seize the Day," "He's my Man" and "Love the Love". With catchy hooks, memorable grooves, and honest lyrics, her music sheds light on life’s daily obstacles and human struggles; urging listeners to alter their perceptions to create new and fresh perspectives. 

"I love knowing I could potentially positively influence someone’s day -- whether it's a smile, or a feeling of inclusiveness.” says Hickman “Maybe I can inspire a new point of view and make them feel that they're not alone and that there is hope! I think this [hope] is something we all struggle with. My goal with my music is to encourage that deeper sense of community!" 

Since the Fall of 2018, Meagan has released a trilogy of singles TOGETHER, UNIQUE & WHO ARE YOU? – each fueling her theme of self-love, female empowerment, self-discovery, and perseverance necessary in our society today.

TOGETHER is an anthemic song that features the power of the human voice and the strength that we have to not only adapt, change, and survive, but to make this world a better place "Together".  

UNIQUE focuses more on the conversations you have with yourself – embracing your insecurities while harnessing your strengths. Telling yourself to stand tall, and that you are enough! You are unique just the way you are!”

WHO ARE YOU? unleashes the sassy, funky, “don’t mess with me” alter-ego that every woman embodies.”

All three songs shine a light on vulnerability and celebrate how individuality can be your greatest quality.

Whether she was touring the world with internationally recognized choirs or recording national commercial jingles – Meagan’s love for singing and writing has always served as her true north. While attending high school at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, Meagan chose to put her classical aspirations aside to pursue the world of pop and soul music and attend Berklee College of Music. As a songwriter, Meagan draws inspiration from artists like Sara Bareilles, Jill Scott, Allen Stone, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder, and Ben Rector. Combining a variety of styles and genres, many see Meagan as a constant chameleon. Meagan’s ability to create fun and exciting live sets have afforded her the opportunity to play some of Chicago’s most well-respected venues as well as those coast to coast.

Over the last several years Meagan has also worked as a production coordinator with such acts as Walk the Moon, Goo Goo Dolls, Gavin DeGraw, Echosmith, Grimes, and Santigold. Working both as a performer and on the music business side, Meagan has been able to acquire the knowledge, experience, and understanding needed to fuel her passion, create opportunities, and seize each day to the fullest!

Meagan is already back in the studio recording her next batch of songs and is excited to release more new music over the next year. When not touring, performing, writing, or recording, Meagan can be found managing her successful business as a voice and piano instructor. In her spare time, she enjoys running, the outdoors, reading, traveling, and spending quality time with animals.

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