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 Photo Credit:  Petya Photography

Photo Credit: Petya Photography

Whether she was singing along to Disney tapes or touring the world with Internationally recognized choirs – Meagan’s love for performing and writing has always served as her true north. From nationally placed McDonalds jingles to attending the Chicago Academy for the Arts, music has run through Meagan’s veins since she was six years old. It was during high school that she made the big decision to put her Classical training aside to pursue the world of pop and soul music and attend Berklee College of Music. After graduating college, Meagan set out on her first national tour promoting her original music. Each show and opportunity reaffirmed that she was destined for this industry, both on stage and behind the scenes. 

        Over the last several years Meagan has worked as a production coordinator with such acts as Walk the Moon, Goo Goo Dolls, Gavin DeGraw, Echosmith, Grimes, and Santigold. Working both as a performer and on the music business side, Meagan has been able to acquire the knowledge, experience, and understanding needed to fuel her passion, create opportunities, and seize each day to the fullest! 

        Meagan’s first, full-length album "Sightlines" was released in 2015 and brought her diverse audiences a blend of soulful, pop-rock driven anthems such as  "Seize the Day," "He's my Man" and "Love the Love". As a performer, Meagan’s love for music and positive messages come across effortlessly. With catchy hooks, memorable grooves, and honest lyrics, her music sheds light on life’s daily obstacles and human struggles; urging listeners to alter their perceptions to create new and fresh perspectives. 

"I love knowing I could potentially positively influence a life -- whether it's a smile, or a feeling of inclusiveness.” says Hickman “Maybe I can inspire a new point of view and make them feel that they're not alone and that there is hope! I think this [hope] is something we all struggle with. My goal with my music is to encourage that deeper sense of community support!" 

With influence and inspiration from artists like Sara Bareilles, Jill Scott, Allen Stone, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder, and Ben Rector, it's easy to see why Meagan's ability to connect with audiences has afforded her the opportunity to play some of Chicago’s most well-respected venues all while still touring nationally. 

When not touring, performing, writing, or recording, Meagan can be found managing her successful business as a voice and piano instructor. In her spare time, she enjoys running, the outdoors, reading, traveling, and spending quality time with animals. Most recently in 2018, Meagan’s been back in the studio recording and is excited to release new music over the next year. These new songs provide a polished and refined sound. Speaking to themes our generation is seeking the answers to, they are filled with stories of empowerment, self-love, and the power of female camaraderie. 

Stay updated on all things Meagan Hickman by following her on  Instagram (@mahmusic), Facebook, Spotify & Apple Music!

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“ Meagan Hickman will captivate listeners with her message of empowerment, her positive outlook, and soulful pop-flavored vocals.”

Music Notes Global

“Meagan has an incredible voice that delivers a blend of pop-rock driven and soulful songs such as ‘Together’.

— Music Injection

“An uplifting and very positive pop song that could be taken from a feel-good movie.”



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